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Teddy bear tg by Amarant25
Mature content
Teddy bear tg :iconamarant25:Amarant25 63 1
Enchanted park second part tg by Amarant25
Mature content
Enchanted park second part tg :iconamarant25:Amarant25 30 2
Fur coat tg 17 by Amarant25
Mature content
Fur coat tg 17 :iconamarant25:Amarant25 50 6
Fur coat tg 16 by Amarant25
Mature content
Fur coat tg 16 :iconamarant25:Amarant25 31 2
Fur coat tg 15 by Amarant25
Mature content
Fur coat tg 15 :iconamarant25:Amarant25 28 2
Biker tg by Amarant25
Mature content
Biker tg :iconamarant25:Amarant25 80 0
Bimbo's house fur coat tg by Amarant25
Mature content
Bimbo's house fur coat tg :iconamarant25:Amarant25 45 2
Fur coat tg 14 by Amarant25
Mature content
Fur coat tg 14 :iconamarant25:Amarant25 27 2
Bimbo's house tg part 3 by Amarant25
Mature content
Bimbo's house tg part 3 :iconamarant25:Amarant25 106 3
Fur coat tg (ftf) 13 by Amarant25
Mature content
Fur coat tg (ftf) 13 :iconamarant25:Amarant25 30 2
Fur coat tg 12 by Amarant25
Mature content
Fur coat tg 12 :iconamarant25:Amarant25 67 3
Anna Kendrick tg by Amarant25
Mature content
Anna Kendrick tg :iconamarant25:Amarant25 58 8
Arcade Riven tg by Amarant25
Mature content
Arcade Riven tg :iconamarant25:Amarant25 19 2
Fur coat tg 11 by Amarant25
Mature content
Fur coat tg 11 :iconamarant25:Amarant25 32 2
100 watchers. by Amarant25
Mature content
100 watchers. :iconamarant25:Amarant25 10 0
Bimbo's house tg part 2 by Amarant25
Mature content
Bimbo's house tg part 2 :iconamarant25:Amarant25 137 5


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Easter Bimbo 02 by BimboPhi
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Easter Bimbo 01 by BimboPhi
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Easter Bimbo 01 :iconbimbophi:BimboPhi 192 0
Drag Queen TF p.5 by goonzo70
Mature content
Drag Queen TF p.5 :icongoonzo70:goonzo70 155 13
Drag Queen TF p.4 by goonzo70
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Drag Queen TF p.4 :icongoonzo70:goonzo70 142 1
Drag Queen TF p.3 by goonzo70
Mature content
Drag Queen TF p.3 :icongoonzo70:goonzo70 143 1
Drag Queen TF p.2 by goonzo70
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Drag Queen TF p.2 :icongoonzo70:goonzo70 150 1
Drag Queen TF p.1 by goonzo70
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Drag Queen TF p.1 :icongoonzo70:goonzo70 162 2
Tg By Onyx The Tek-d5a32ln by maryon36 Tg By Onyx The Tek-d5a32ln :iconmaryon36:maryon36 30 0 Bimbo TF by goonzo70
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Bimbo TF :icongoonzo70:goonzo70 230 9
Happy Valentines Day 2017 by blackshirtboy Happy Valentines Day 2017 :iconblackshirtboy:blackshirtboy 1,497 31


Teddy bear tg
I wonder if Jenny Is gonna like this huge teddy bear that I bought her. It's the perfect present for her. She likes that kind of stuff. On here we go. I am at her house right now. Let's park the car and take the bear to her.

Pff it's so huge and heavy. But allso so soft and fluffy. I like to hug it and feel the touch of it on my skin. Wait, what? Well maybe I'm into this things too. Let's put it on the front hood and hug it a little longer. Then ill give it to Jenny.

Oooooh it is so good. I love this teddy bear. I love hugging it. I love it so much that I can't stop myself. It's like made from real fur. I want to touch it all over. To feel his gentle fur all over my body. I am even getting horny.

Hey, my shirt became black. And it exposed a lot of my skin. Which became so soft and gentle. Aaaah I feel so nice. I feel my chest growing. Yes, oh. A pair of huge boobs appeared there. I ...... mmmmm. .....I can't think straight. ....that bear....uh yes. My pants became so tight and turned white....

I feel my ass growing. And I don't feel my little man anymore. There's somenting  else down there. And it's soaked wet. Mmmmm my shoes became ankle boots from pure velour. I feel so sexy. So horny. My hair growing. My face becoming more feminine with huge lips and long lashes. 

NO......I must do something. I'm  a man not a sexy gorgeous girl who can't stop hugging that lovely bear.....Aaaaaa....... 

Hmm what am I thinking. I'm beautiful girl alright. And I love my man for giving me that huge bear. Now to put it back in the car and let's go thank my boyfriend properly.......
Enchanted park second part tg
- Hey, Joe did you saw that. I can't believe that. That crazy woman just kissed me. It was nice but strange. Very strange.
- Yeah. Crazy bitch, Mike, bur she was so gorgeous whith that fur on her.So good looking.
- Yeah and the touch of the fur was sensational. And the kiss too. But isn't that odd? Kissing a totally unfamiliar guy in the middle of the park. And now I still can feel the touch of her lips. And I want more. But she just disappeared. I feel kinda funny. I want more kissing. Bur with whom...... hey...... I know.....
- Mike, what are you doing? Get away from me. No, you can't kiss me. Get away. Oh, mm mm mm. ........blah. WTF, man. How can you do that. Why did you even think of kissing me. Discussing.......
- I don't know what came over me. I am so exited. Horny even. I want to be kissed and touched. I don't know why. But I want ito so bad......
- Hey Mike, your jacket is growing red hair on it. Do you see. And I think you are getting shorter. Aaaahh. ...... I feel funny too. Like my body is burning....... and my jacket is becoming a blue fur coat..... that's impossible right?
- Mm mm mm. Joe my friend it's not. It is all natural.I want to be all wrapped in fur. It's soooo nice. Hey I have a hood on my red fur coat. And i want to put it on. Yeah it feels so nice around my head. And I'm growing boobs. mm... my ass became larger and my legs longer. My jeans turned into black tights......
- Aah, I'm loving it Mike. The touch of the fur. My coat is just like yours, only in blue. And the touch of the hood. And my big boobs and ass....wait....wasn't we supposed to be men......or.....aahhhh.....The black tight pants squeezing my legs showing every curve in my body. Hey Michaela.I feel so wet down you
- Yeah honey but I know that something isn't right. I feel so nice but ..... hey I'm Michael and I am a man. Not a woman. That woman's kiss has changed us. But....but....A a aah my face. My lips swelled and my eyelids became heavier. I feel my skin softer. I can't fight it anymore.Joann a help please.....
- Stop fighting it sweetheart.Look at me with that long hair and the make up on my beautiful face under the glasses. I feel so gorgeus. And my shoes became high heels. Yours too....And you became so beautiful.
- Yeah I know it now.I feel my hair touching my ass under the fur. And my lovely face covered in makeup.
- That's right. We are two gorgeous girls walking in the park, covered in fur and looking for nice hot mens.......
Fur coat tg 17
So here we are. My girlfriend finally had brought me to the opera. To one of her favorite shows. As much as I hate it I couldn't say no to her. And considering the gorgeous girl sitting next to me I could take two hours of that screaming on the stage called singing. And I'm not talking about my girlfriend. I am talking about that beautifull blond chick next to me dressed on that white fur coat. She is so much hotter than my girl.

And speaking of that coat, which is she rubbing it in my shoulder. Her hand like on purpose is touching mine. God it is so soft. But why is she wearing it in here. Doesn't she feel the heat in this place. Because I am. Oh god it's so hot in here. I'm even sweating. And I feel like I'm getting sick. I need to get out of here.......

Here we go. I'm out. But I steel feel that heat. Oh god I'm so hot. I need to undress my jacket. Hey, what's that? White hair on the sleave of my jacket. Ok, i'm getting it of. Why did I have white hair on it. Like a part of that chick fur coat is moved onto me.'s stuck. The jacket is stuck. I can't get it off. And the hair is spreading all over it. It became longer. And softer. It covered my but. And the sleave became wider. Oh my god, my jacket turned into white fur coat, just the same like that girl was wearing.

And now..... I feel something on my hands. Like they've been covered by something. Black leather gloves. Oh no, someone help me. Cute black Pearce apeared in my hands. What is hapening? My shirt became longer and tighter. It turned into short tight dress. And.... I feel my body changing under it. My chest swelled. Like I have boobs. But I have, oh god. And my skin became so smooth. My ass feels bigger. And I feel something different in my croch. Like my big boy isn't there. And I can't check because I can't move a inch.

What is this? A breeze between my legs? Ha, my jeans disapeared. Leaving my legs naked. And they turned so curvy and sexy......... A aaaahhh, i'm turning into woman. How is that possible. Hey, oh.....I lost balance there for a second. My sneakers turned into black pumps. And they are climbing up my legs. They passed my knees, turning into cure black velvet boots.

What am I saying? Cute? Yeah, they are cute. No, they ale not. What I can't speak ploperly. My wips swelled. My whole face is changing. And it hurts. It became gentle and beautifull, and I like it. He he. No. Hi hi. My hair became blond and much longer. I feel so sexy. So hot. In this dress and this fur coat.

Oh, no I'm a man. I need. mind.......what was I thinking? Oh yeah I've got it. I was admiring how beautifull I am in this outfit. But I need to get inside the opera and join my girlfriends, because I'm gonna miss my favorite show. Oh god how sexy I am.......
Fur coat tg 16
Oh my god. I'm so tired. It is good that I send my wife at his mother's for the night. Now I can just lay down and sleep. I'll just take off my clothes and throw myself in the bed. Here we go. Oh god I'm so sleepy.

Hey, what's this. My babe bought us a new blanket or something. I don't remember ours being so soft. And it is so dark in here that I can't see what is that soft and fluffy thing. The night lamp! Oh, that's better. Oh my god. Red fur coat. But how did it get here? Strange.

But somehow I like the touch of it on my skin. Hmm, with my girl gone I can play a litle. No one will know. I'll just put it on and play a little. Yeah it's making me so horny. Maybe in the end ill even jerkoff. Ahhhhh, I feel so great, like I'm gonna explode.

Mmmmmm yeah it is so soft, so gentle. I even feel my skin softer. Hey, it is and my bodyhair is gone. Something is wrong. But I feel too damn good. I wanna touch the fur. And the fur to touch me. So exited. Yeah, so nice. I feel. ..... my ass swelling and my hips too. As so as my calf's. Oh god, a ton of pleasure in my croch. My dick. Gone. But I'm still horny. There is something else there.......

Mmmmmm, ah. What's that pain in my waist. It became tinner. Whole my body became smaller. I know that it's wrong, but I feel so damn good. Here they are. Boobs growing on my chest. Huge boobs. No, this is wrong I'm a man. Who cares. The feelings are so great. Hey I've got long red nails on my hands. And a lot of jewellery.

It reached my head. And my mind. And I can't stop touching myself. Ahhhhhh my lips swelled. And my eyes changed. My face became smaller. Yeah, I'm so pretty. I feel the make up applying. Making me beautiful. And now only my hair is left. Here it is long, black and shiny. Ah, yeah, wow. I feel so good looking that way. So pretty, dressed in that fur. I have memories of being a man. Maybe just a dream.

But why am I in bed. It's so early. And I am looking so hot. Who needs sleeping. When I can hit the club's. With this outfit I'm sure I can score some rich fool to pay my nice evening......


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