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So, here i am going to another job interview. I hope this one is the last. They gotta hire me because i am so god damn broke. I am a litle nervous but i hope i will be fine. As soon the car gets here it will be fine. I wonder why the girl on the phone insisted to sent a car to take me to theit office. Whatever! I will get on in a hellicopter if i must, as soon as they hire me.

Hey, what is this? A limmo? Nice! I like it allready. So they must pay well. There, i'm in. It is so nice and comfy in here. Hmm, the driver is behind that black glass. So i can't talk to him. I wonder is there a minibar in here. Pfff, i am sitting on someting. Ha, a pair of long satin gloves. Some woman must have sited here. Hey, they are so soft. I love touching them. They kinda make me horny. I wonder how they will fit me. Hey no, they are women's gloves. So, who will know. The driver can't see me. I will try them on just for a litle.

There! They fitted me perfectly. Oh my god, they are so soft and gentle. And they feel so nice on my hands that i don't wanna put them off. Oh god i am so turned on by them. So horny. I need to touch my whole body with them. But i gotta take off my clothes. Yeah why not. There i am all done. Naked. And i can't stop touching myself. These gloves feel so nice on my skin. Damn it i am so horny. I wonder is there anything in this car that will make me look more sexy.

I have no idea from where i know that theese clothes are under this seat. But i will look amazing in them. But i need to stop, this are woman clothes. Why stop, nothing is going to hapen, i think. Hmmmm what a nice lingerie. And it fited me so nice. And theese leather stockings. And the high heels. Like they all were made for me.

Theese glove made me something strange. I am all dressed as a woman and i even like it. What the hell. Aaaaaaaa! My body hurts. Like my bones are craking. Hey, my hands are smaller. And i feel my nails growing. My skin became so smooth. Damn it my ass is swelling. I feel like i am sitting on a pillow. And my legs became so long and femmine. I love how those shoes are fitting them. My waist became so thin. Oh god!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmm, so horny! But....... i dont feel my dick. There is someting else there. Ooooooooohh god. The glove inside me. So god damn nice!

Mmmmmm, someting is pushing incide my chest. Boobs...... growing. I need to touch them. My niples are so hard. I need to lay down. Cant stop touching myself. My face, like, changed. And my hair is growing. I've turned into woman, but i can't fight it. I am feeling so nice and so horny. Hey, from where did this fur came from?

No....... i am a a man....l.......job interview......leave my mind.......please.......a horny.....need hot..... the touch of the gloves......yes...........l

Job.what job? My man is giving me so much money that i will never have to work. Afterall he sends a limmo to take me to him every time. And i hope to get there soon because i am so horny that can't wait for him to get inside me.

I hope he likes the new globes that i bought especially for him.......
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing job. Love the gloves and the cap.
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February 10, 2016
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